Hawaii Tours – Interesting facts…

You must have heard about mountain tours, Whale and Dolphin watching tours, Ocean tours, Big Island Tours,Wildlife tours, but Lava Tours??? Well Lava Tours by See Lava Tours, Hawaii are the tours where you can watch eruption of Lava, live. Watching Lava touching sea is the most amazing scene we could ever see. Watching Mt. Kilauea erupting live in front of your eyes, imagine the thrill. Hence, See Lava tours bring you, Hilo tours and Waikoloa tours where you can enjoy:

  • Waterfalls and Dolphins: Hawaii is known for 3 waterfalls in Big Island which are:
  1. Rainbow falls,
  2. Akaka falls and
  3. Umauma falls

Witness the breath taking scenes, hear about ancient stories and get wet in the falls with 3 hours comfortable cushion seat rides in 40ft vehicle. These Hilo tours boats you to other 25-40 waterfalls with local surf spots, sea caves, lush rain-forests, black sand beaches, as well as hear the stories of Hilo’s once thriving plantation era.


  • Volcano tours: Lava here flows down from Pulima Pali to the sea. Watch settling Lava benches, Black beaches and witness other geological formations as well.
  • Lava boat tours: Enjoy the live eruption of Lava in specifically designed comfortable boat that rides swiftly to ocean and you can view the current 61G eruption.
  • Whale watching tours: In your list of Things to do in Hilo, priority should be whale watching whales. We guarantee you the sight of whale or FREE ride again. We have 3 time periods set for watching whales: Dawn Patrol, Brunch and sunset cruises. Choose your convenient timings and enjoy Whale Watching.

So these are few things that should be in your list of Things to do in Hilo tours and Kona tour. Make memories watching Whales and Lavas and share your stories with us.


Guided Lava Hike


4am meet time in Volcano Village 4AM LAVA HIKE

Adults (13+) Price: $150.00 – Members Price: $150.00


Adults (13+) Price: $150.00 – Members Price: $150.00


Adults (13+) Price: $150.00 – Members Price: $150.00

Lava Hikes to see lava in Hawaii flowing across the land in route to the sea.Join us as on a lava tour to hike & visit Madame Pele’s rivers of fire. Walk over recent lava flows and feel the heat as our volcano guides lead you to experience the ever changing lava flows from the Kilauea Volcano. Feel the heat under your feet, hear the crackling of the lava while keeping an eye out for surface outbreaks. This is an experience you don’t want to miss!

Lava is a natural event and can start and stop without warning. When there is no Lava visible at Kalapana the tour will access private lands to bring you as close as possible to the current front of the most recent lava flows.

General Information
Schedule:9AM, 12 noon. Tour varies 6-8 hours round trip, departs Hilo Town.
Tour Rating: Advanced; guests need to be 8 years and older.
We Provide: Walking sticks, Bottled water, snacks, local guided tour highlighting the Kilauea Volcano
Prices:Adult $175.00. Child (8-15 ): $150.00 taxes included
Group Size: Tour limited to 6 guests per guide.
Restrictions: Guests need to be able to hike on uneven rocky terrain for an extended amount of time.
What to Bring & Wear: Comfortable walking shoes(sneakers or hiking boots), long pants or shorts, a sleeved shirt, light jacket, rain poncho, gloves.

These extreme Hawaii tours hike over rough lava terrain which can have steep trail grades. We do not recommend this tour for children under 6 years of age or those with recent leg or foot injuries please consult your doctor before booking. Our lava hikes cover a vast amount of lava terrain anywhere from 4-10 miles call for recent conditions; all hikers must be able to retain a good pace lava terrain.Lava Hike walk you to See Lava on the Big Island of Hawaii

Source Link: Guided Lava Hike